Elementary School

Starting from elementary school, Dehong incorporates international teaching philosophy and approaches to national standard curriculum with a focus on encouraging students to discover, question and explore and makes sure every child will grow in an environment that respects individual character, spike interest, exercise etiquettes and cultivate empathy.

One of our objectives is to ensure each student has bilingual proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, thinking and learning. From day one, students will find themselves in a bilingual environment tailored to the needs of Chinese students. It's an environment not only aims to improve English reading and writing, but also to enhance students' grasp on Chinese language and culture. Our English learning goes beyond English class. Whether it's in academic study of science, humanities, art, music, sports, information technology and theatre, or assorted extra-curriculum activities, every student will be immersed in a bilingual learning environment that sharpen their English thinking and expression in a holistic way. Our Chinese learning is also much more than memorizing and comprehending textbooks. We encourage students to read extensively, expose them to the beauty of native Chinese culture and literature, and endeavor to shape them into confident communicators and profound readers.

In other subjects, we place equal emphasis on reconstructing learning approaches and improving assessment structure so that students are "happy to learn"  and "capable to learn".  Elementary math education has always been the strength of Chinese curriculum. Here in Dehong, while preserving the traditional advantage in basic knowledge and skill, we abandoned the conventional approach of rote learning and assigning tons of papers. Instead, we focus on developing mathematical thinking and problem solving ability, helping students find the charm of mathematics.

Moreover, we are proud to provide specialty courses for elementary school students, such as "Course of Love" for nurturing beautiful mind and proper behaviors and etiquettes; "Course on Chinese Study" for students to get closer to traditional Chinese culture; "STEAM" for inspiring topic-based interdisciplinary research; and DCI's unique courses on sport, music, theatre, dance, art design as well as on personal development, sociology and physical wellbeing.